Craft Shows Opening Up for 2022

Craft Shows Opening Up for 2022

Artisans and crafters are rejoicing as the in-person craft shows and artisan markets start opening up for the first time in over 2 years.  While many of us used our existing on-line presence to generate some revenue, most of us saw our revenues plummet. 

Even if some makers had wholesale accounts, stores and other venues were also in lock down. 

So as I get excited to start attending the markets this year, I wonder who I will see and who won't be there.  For some, two years without any money coming in means the business has shut down.   I am sadden by those thoughts because I believe a vibrant craft community is important.  The craft produced by artisans and crafters is one of the many languages of our culture, a means to celebrate who we are and the values we share.  I am hopeful that this year will see the resurgence of a vibrant and active craft community across Canada.

Help to foster this resurgence by buying local and buying handmade!

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