Decorating Your table With Table Runners

Decorating Your table With Table Runners

Table runners  are a great way to give a different look and feel to any table or room.  Runners can be simple and informal or ornate and elegant. 

Lengthwise placement is the traditional more formal way to use a table runner.  If you want a drop on your table then try to have 6 inches on either end.  If using a shorter one than length of your table place it in the center and is a great foundation for a centerpiece like flowers.

Widthwise placement is a less formal placement.  The runner can either be used at each place setting in place of a placement or used between place settings with placemats between.


Used with tablecloth can either be formal or informal depending on how the combination.  With a white tablecloth and traditional center placement the tone is formal.  However you use the combination make sure that there is a high contrast in either colour or pattern between the two.

Round or oval table can be setup with a center runner or 2 that crisscross each other.  This creates a great centre foundation for flowers or other centerpiece.


Whether you’re looking to create a traditional table for a special occasion or something better suited for everyday entertaining don't be afraid to experiment with different placements and drop lengths to find a look you love!





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