Making It All Worthwhile!

Making It All Worthwhile!

One of the new products EMA Design Treasures introduced last year is the cathedral window pillow cover.  This is an old quilt block pattern and is made in several different ways but the end result is always the same...a beautiful block that just pops!

Last year a customer I meet at the Artfest in the park in Kingston, Ontario was just captivated by the pillow covers I had displayed.  She loved the pattern and the colours. She wanted to buy one but was afraid that her cats and dog would ruin the cover.  She bought it anyway and came up with a creative way to use it..

"My solution was to have it framed (which was expensive but worth it) because now I get to enjoy it everyday without it getting soiled."

As an artisan you work hard and put a lot of time and energy into your work because you love what you do. Sometimes when your energy is flagging and you receive an e-mail like this and it makes it all worthwhile!

Thank you Cathy Taylor Kelly!

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