Meaning of Christmas in 2020

Meaning of Christmas in 2020

For many of us Christmas is all about family, friends and the celebration of being together and sharing good food and exchanging gifts. But did you know that the word Christmas is a relatively recent word to indicate the day Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus?   Christ-mass. In earlier times Christmas was celebrated as a season and started on Christmas Eve.  However, in the 20th century Christmas has become an increasingly secular family holiday celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike.  The mythical character of Santa Claus has contributed to the ever-increasing emphasis on expensive gift giving as a part of this celebration. For most of us the holiday season is a time of happiness, celebration and a time to give thanks and appreciate all that we have.

This year has been one that few of us will likely never forget.  It has been a year of loss: people losing loved ones through this pandemic, others losing their jobs and others their homes.  So, as we prepare to celebrate this holiday season it is easy to feel that there isn’t much to celebrate and yet when I reflect on it, I have much to be thankful for, to treasure:  my health and that of my family and friends, my family and being able to spend the holiday season with them, my home and no fear that I will lose it because I have lost my job, and the wisdom that comes with age!  

My wish for you this holiday season is for you to take time to reflect on what you have to be thankful for as a reminder to treasure that which you have.

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