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The word quilt is derived from the Latin culcita, meaning a padded and tied mattress similar to a Japanese futon. Quilting is a needlework technique involving two or more layers of fabric, usually sandwiched with padding of some sort, stitched together in a decorative pattern.  Simple definitions for something that is anything but simple to explain.

Quilting is sometimes viewed as an addiction by the non-quilting world; however, for us quilters it is just something we have to do…like breathing. So what is it about quilting that can absorb us for hours and days?   For me it is the fabric and colours within, the feelings that a finished quilt evoke and the thrill of looking at the finished quilt that never turns out quite as imagined….it is even better!

In searching various blogs, web-sites and even magazines themes started to emerge as to why we quilters do what it is we do….most of us need to be involved in quilting for even a small measure of time each day…I know I do.  So why do we do it?  I came upon this list of reasons for why I quilt and I am sure most of us can identify with at least 1 or 2 of the reasons listed. 

  • I quilt because it makes me feel good
  • I quilt because I feel I can be productive, often in a seemingly non-productive environment
  • I quilt because it’s something I can enjoy alone or with a hundred other quilters
  • I quilt because I have a drive to create – even neat little stitches, all the same, all in a row
  • I quilt because I go to another place in my head – and forget the troubles of the day
  • I quilt because I can speak through my creating – say things that I might not otherwise say out loud
  • I quilt because it allows me the time to mull over problems, not always solving, but making time to think
  • I quilt because it’s all about me, not family, career, or others expectations, just me
  • I quilt because I love to play with colour and I’m a hopeless painter
  • I quilt because I can amaze myself with what I’m capable of creating
  • I quilt because it absorbs and diminishes the various bumps and bruises of a busy day
  • I quilt because it’s my lifeline - without it I just might go insane
  • I quilt because of the friendships I have made and continue to make each and every day
  • I quilt because I’m in control of the input and the output – no one else gets a say
  • I quilt because it allows me to give and share in the generosity of spirit that is found amongst quilters

No matter the reason what is true is that quilting absorbs us, envelopes and in some way feeds our soul…so enjoy!

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