What is a "ditty" and how can I use it?

What is a "ditty" and how can I use it?

What is a ditty bag?  The dictionary defines it as a bag that sailors used to storeor their things like needles, thread etc.

So what can you use your "ditty" for?  The uses are endless:

    • Travelling?
      • Store your power cords and batteries and battery packs
      • Organize your hairbrush, comb, hair ties and bobby pins
      • Keep your valuables like keys, passports, additional cash, all in one place
      • Keep your shoes away from  your clothes clean when packing
      • Store plane supplies like fuzzy socks, book, ear plugs and eye mask
      • Easy access to all your car essentials like registration and insurance, car wipes and a back-up air freshener
    • For the home:
      • Store your belts in your closet instead of on the floor
      • Keep socks and tights from going missing with a go-to place in your close
      • Place your kids hat, gloves and scarf inside so they don’t lose them at school
      • Keep an extra change of clothes for the baby (in case of emergency)
      • Put in your hospital go-bag to store your cosmetics
      • Store picnic day essentials: hand sanitizer, sunscreen, wipes and stain remover
      • Place stray LEGOs inside (so you don’t step on them)
    • for just about anything and everything…

      • Use as a giftbag for the holidays for small gifts

      • Freshen up on-the-go with a travel toothbrush, deodorant, body mist and dry shampoo
      • Store hiking supply kit with bug spray, a first-aid kit and sunscreen
      • Stow card and dice games so they don’t get lost
      • Organize gift-wrapping supplies including ribbons, tape and labels
So how will you use your "ditty"?
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