About Us

The journey to starting this shop has been long and somewhat convoluted but the shop is finally open. Along the way I studied art and design and was fascinated by colour and how the combination and proportion of colours used combine to create different effects and evoke different feelings.

I have always loved to sew, and was introduced to quilting  by my cousin Karen who made a beautiful Christmas tree skirt that still wraps the family tree at Christmas time.  I started quilting in earnest when my children were young making quilts for them and the new baby cousins that started to arrive. 

Life took a turn and I didn't open my sewing machine for another 10 years. Once I did I started to play with ideas for a business, made some products and started selling at small local craft shows.  This was an invaluable experience that helped shape my business plan and renew my commitment to make quality products that people could use in their everyday life and sell them at a reasonable prices.  The opening of this shop is the next step in that journey....what is next?  Who knows!