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Bowl Cozy

Bowl Cozy

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 Bowl cozy

These Reversible Microwave Bowl Cosies are made of 100% cotton fabric, 100% cotton batting and 100% cotton thread making them microwave safe.

Put a bowl of your favourite food in one of these cosies and place it right into the microwave.  No need to burn your fingers taking the hot food out of the microwave.  Never leave the food unattended and keep the cosy clean from food spills.

The Reversible Microwave Bowl cozy is perfect for cold food like ice cream.

Small 10 in fits a 8 in bowl (individual serving bowl)
Medium * 12 in fits a  bowl 14 in square.( small serving bowl)

Easy to clean in the washing machine and then air dried over the bottom of a bowl to retain shape or press with your iron as needed.

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