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Key/luggage fob

Key/luggage fob

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Tired of rummaging through your bag for hours, desperately searching for your keys? Say goodbye to the endless struggle of sorting through a tangled mess of keys! With our innovative solution, you'll never lose your keys in your bag again. 

Not only that, but imagine never taking the wrong set of keys ever again! Say hello to hassle-free mornings and smooth transitions throughout your day. 😌

🧳 Oh, and did we mention? Our revolutionary design even helps you easily spot your luggage in a sea of black suitcases! 🌈✈️

They make an easy and unique gift for teachers, coworkers, neighbours and friends!!

▸ Medium weight, 100% designer cotton fabric wrapped around strong polyester webbing
▸ Length: 6”. Width: 1 inch (Key ring included)

These are intended to be used as keychains or luggage fobs only — they will not support the weight of bags, purses, etc..

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